8 Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

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When planning their honeymoon, no one wants to hold back, right? But a smart couple can still have the honeymoon of their dreams… Even if money is tight. If that sounds like you, take a seat and read about our favorite honeymoon spots that are both beautiful and cheap.

Even if you are going abroad, you can still have a great trip on a cheap budget. Don’t miss these tips on how to save money on flights for your honeymoon, and then get to planning! Here are the best places to go on your honeymoon that won’t break your budget, in no particular order.

Thailand (One of the cheapest places)

Thailand Honeymoon Destination

Thailand might be one of the cheapest places to go on a romantic trip if you want to go somewhere exotic with a little bit of everything and great prices. The weather is best from November to April, so if your wedding is in the winter, Thailand is a great place to go on your honeymoon.

It costs more to fly than to just stay at home. Still, the food is cheap, and you can find a decent place to stay that won’t break the bank. Use sites like booking.com, hotels.com, and expedia.com to compare prices and find the best deals.

Spend a few days in Bangkok learning about Thai culture, the floating markets, and the temples. Chiang Mai has great hikes, mountains, and even an elephant sanctuary if you want an adventure. Thailand is also a great place for a tropical honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to check out Phuket and Koh Samui, two of Thailand’s beautiful islands with beautiful beaches.

Island Hopping in Greece

Island Hopping in Greece

Greece is an old country that is beautiful, sunny, and friendly. It has 227 islands that can be reached by direct flights, flights within the country, or boats. So, why not do some research and choose a small group of islands to visit? Most of the time, ferry prices are low, and a meal for two can cost as little as 35€.

If you want to Instagram every moment, including a Santorini sunset, we recommend the Cycladic islands. But if you want to learn about culture, you should go to Crete, where the Minoan civilization began. This place has 650 miles of coastline and a lot of palaces and museums.

If you want to visit a lot of Greek islands, why not learn a little Greek before you go and live like a local? This is great if you want to learn more about Greek culture and have a more real experience.

Mauritius (Beautiful place)

Mauritius Best Honeymoon

On your honeymoon in Mauritius, you can put your toes in the Indian Ocean. This place is so beautiful that it’s no wonder it’s often called Paradise Island. In 2013, the World Travel Awards gave Mauritius the prized title of Best Wedding and Honeymoon destination.

Mauritius has a lot to offer. You can visit wild waterfalls, mountain ranges, and, of course, the underwater world that surrounds the island.

If you want to go to Mauritius but need to watch your pounds, shillings, and pence, look online for deals that will save you money. You should also look into all-inclusive hotels, which are usually cheaper, and bring your own toiletries. It’s an expensive island, and these “small” costs can add up quickly.

Sri Lanka (Beautiful and friendly island)

Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Also in the Indian Ocean, your flights will cost you the most money, but you can live well and cheaply on this beautiful and friendly island.

Even though there are many expensive boutique hotels, especially in the fortified old city of Galle, you can also book a beach honeymoon that includes everything.

Visit elephant refuges, villages on top of hills, temples, and the old city of Sigiriya. You’ll never run out of things to do, trust us. You can go almost anywhere for a very low price by train, even in first class. Even though it’s best to book in advance to avoid being let down.

Don’t leave the US

Stay in the USA, Honeymoon

There are many beautiful and inexpensive honeymoon spots in the United States. People who like being outside can camp in the Grand Canyon or one of the many national parks in the US. For example, Sequoia National Park or Lake Tahoe in California, or Glacier National Park in Montana. Just picture you and your loved one looking up at the stars after a day of hiking, and you’ll get the idea.

Or, if you want to feel more romantic, you can go to Savannah, Georgia, and walk under moss-covered trees, visit the city market, or just relax on the beach on Tybee Island. You will not be let down.

Mexico (Popular honeymoon spot)

Mexico Honeymoon

Mexico is another popular honeymoon spot that is easy on the wallet. You could also choose the classic all-inclusive beachfront hotel for your honeymoon. You could also try something different, like a couple’s retreat with healthy food, meditation, and exciting activities.

If you like the feel of the tropics, Riviera Maya has a lot of resort-style places to stay. Cozumel is a good place for couples who like to go scuba diving and do other adventurous things. There are also plenty of beaches where you can relax if you want to.

Or, if you like dry heat, cities like Cabo on Mexico’s west coast are popular with honeymooners looking for a luxurious place to stay. Another popular place for a honeymoon in Mexico is Puerta Vallarta.

No matter what kind of honeymoon you choose in Mexico, you’ll love the sun, the sand, the local food, the cultural sites, and the great cocktails. Just remember to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen.

Belize (Everything you could want)

Belize Honeymoon

Belize packs a lot of power for such a small country. Belize has everything you could want, from beautiful beaches to Mayan sites. Not only that, but it also has beautiful scenery like jungles, the second largest reef system in the world, and other natural wonders.

There is also a lot of amazing wildlife to see, like jaguars and wildcats. There are also beautiful mountains and waterfalls to see.

There are many places to stay at the beach that won’t break your budget. You just need to do a little research. Why not choose a cheap all-inclusive package that includes free food, drinks, and activities? So, when you get here, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money. Just enjoy the sun and the view.

Puerto Rico (Cheapest Caribbean location)

Puerto Rico Honeymoon

Puerto Rico is easy to get to from most US cities, which makes it one of the best Caribbean places to visit on a budget. In fact, if you are a US citizen, you don’t need a passport, and there are plenty of cheap hotels to stay in. You can choose from many beautiful beach resorts with palm trees, golden sand, and turquoise water.

Also, getting around doesn’t cost a lot of money. First of all, Ubers are less expensive. You can check out Puerto Rico in 3 days.

We also like some of the islands off the coast of Puerto Rico, where you can go on romantic day trips. In the evenings, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer. All you have to do is put on your honeymoon clothes, put on your makeup, and feel your best and most fabulous self. Then you can head out to the bright lights.

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