6 Best Honeymoon destinations to visit in July

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In the northern hemisphere, July is part of summer, and it’s a great month for a wedding and honeymoon. Chances are, you’ll have a warm, sunny day where you, your partner, and your guests can take lots of beautiful pictures outside.

Once everything is over, you can go on your honeymoon and just hang out with your new spouse in a beautiful place. There are a lot of great places to visit, let us show you some of the best honeymoon spots in July.


Tanzania Honeymoon

So far, we’ve seen places with amazing beaches and places where you can go on a Safari to see the wild animals of Africa. But Tanzania is the only place where both of these things can happen at the same time.

This amazing country has places like the Ngorongoro Crater, where there are more lions than anywhere else in Africa, and the Serengeti National Park, where you can see the Great Migration of more than a million wildebeest. It also has the Zanzibar region, which has some of the best beaches in the world.

In July, the weather is just right. It’s dry and warm, and after the heavy rains have stopped, everything is green and alive. So you can go hiking or on safari, but you can also lay on a beach in Zanzibar and drink a cocktail.


Kenya Honeymoon

If sipping cocktails on the beach isn’t your thing and you’d rather have a more exciting vacation, you can go to Kenya on the African continent. Here, you can go on amazing safaris and see wild animals that you usually only see on TV in their natural environment.

July is the dry season, so the weather will be warm and dry. This is a great time to go on trips outside and see lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and many other amazing animals. During this time of year, wild animals are very active, and you can even see the Great Migration. More than a million wildebeest come here from Tanzania, which is a very cool thing to see.

New Zealand

New Zealand Honeymoon

This is another great place to go if you’d rather explore nature and the mountains than lie on a beach. The country has beautiful mountains, huge glaciers, and lovely lakes. Not to mention the Maori culture, which is sure to catch your attention.

You can also go skydiving in Queenstown, swim in Rotorua’s geothermal baths, or enjoy Wellington’s unique cafĂ© culture. Milford Sound is a good place to see seals and dolphins in their natural environment, and Kaikoura is where you might see the amazing humpback whales.

In July, New Zealand is in the middle of winter, but you shouldn’t worry because winter here is different from what you’re used to. The temperatures range from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius, so it’s not that cold and you can go hiking and exploring. With its icy crevasses and cool caves, the Franz Josef Glacier is a great place to visit.


Canada Honeymoon

We understand that not everyone wants to lie in the sun and get a tan. Some people just like exploring mountains and would rather be a little cold than be too hot. The Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta are just right for these people.

There are big mountains, pretty lakes, and dense alpine forests there. But the city of Vancouver is close by and has a lot of great things to see. The weather in Canada is known for being very cold, but July is the warmest month. So there will be a lot of sun and blue skies, letting you go on great trips and hikes. The wildlife is also very active, and you might see some amazing creatures as you walk.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Honeymoon

This amazing, faraway place has 15 islands that look like they are from another planet. They have beaches with white sand, clear water, and volcano-covered mountains that look like they were taken from Jurassic Park. The people who live there are charming and friendly, and there are lots of quiet beaches where you can spend time with your partner.

Since July is the dry season here, the weather will be great. There won’t be too much heat or humidity. It will be warm enough to lay on the beach and get a tan, but also cool enough to go hiking and enjoy the Rarotonga island. Since the rainy season is over, this area is now full of lush plants and will look beautiful.


Seychelles Honeymoon

This beautiful country is in the Indian Ocean and is made up of 115 islands. It has about 90,000 people and is the smallest country on the African continent in terms of population.

The water around the islands is clear as glass, and there are white sand beaches where you can lay in the sun, drink a cocktail, or watch a beautiful sunset. This is a great place for a honeymoon, and it doesn’t cost as much as other places. Each island is different, so try to see as many of them as you can.

Since July is the end of the dry season, the weather will be warm and dry instead of hot and wet like it is during the rainy season. The wildlife is very active, and you will see a lot of interesting animals, like whale sharks. People like to go scuba diving and snorkeling around here because they let you see the amazing world under the water.

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