When to go on Honeymoon

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Traditionally, the honeymoon starts as soon as the bride and groom leave the wedding reception. On the way to their final destination, they might stay in a hotel at the airport, but that’s all part of the big vacation.

In recent years, however, it has become more common for couples to put off their honeymoon for a few days or even a few months. Here are some good and bad reasons for going on a honeymoon at different times.

Why don’t you go on your honeymoon right away?

Honeymoon right away

In movies, the happy couple always seems to go straight from the reception to the airport. Most people think this is the most exciting and romantic way to spend a honeymoon.

You were single when you woke up in the morning, but by the end of the day you were married and on your way to your honeymoon. If you leave right away, you can keep the fun and excitement of the wedding going for longer, and you won’t have to do any of the boring things after the wedding, like return tuxedos or argue with the venue over small damage.

There are some bad things about going on your honeymoon as soon as you get married. First of all, you’ll probably have to leave just as the party is getting going, so you won’t be able to dance to the band you spent so long picking out or eat the delicious food you’ve been salivating over. You may also be too tired to start a long trip after months of wedding planning and a day of celebrations.

Why should you wait a few days?

Honeymoon few days later

Most couples now wait at least a day after their wedding to go on their honeymoon, and many give themselves a few days before they begin their trip. This means they can stay at the reception until the end, and they can even stay at the same hotel as their guests so they can say goodbye over a leisurely brunch the next morning.

If you have a lot of out-of-town guests at your wedding, it seems like a waste to leave right after the ceremony. You can spend a few days catching up with them and showing them around.

There are many good reasons to wait a few days after the wedding to go on the honeymoon. You can open your wedding gifts and send thank-you cards, make sure all of your vendors are paid in full, have your dress dry cleaned and put away, and take care of any last-minute packing for your honeymoon.

If you wait a few days to go on your honeymoon, you might have time to come back down to earth after the wedding. For a few days, you might feel like you’re in limbo or that nothing really happened. Also, you will have so much to do that you won’t have much time to spend with your new husband. If you leave the day after your wedding, you can still see your guests the next morning, but you’ll start your trip while you’re still on a “bridal high.”

Why should you put off your trip for a few months?

Honeymoon Months Later

There are many good reasons to wait a few months before going on your honeymoon. Maybe the weather will be best at your chosen location six months after the wedding. Maybe you’ve already taken so much time off work to plan your wedding that you can’t take any more until next year, or maybe your job is seasonal and you can’t really take two weeks off right after your wedding.

Some couples feel like they have enough to plan for with the wedding, so they want to put off the stress of planning a honeymoon until after the wedding is over. Others decide that they spent so much on the wedding that they need some time for their money to get back on track.

If you put off your honeymoon for so long, it might feel like a regular vacation instead. Plan your honeymoon carefully to make it extra special, and if you have to put off your main trip for a long time, try to get away for a night or two right after the wedding to spend some time together as newlyweds.

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